Next destination: Australia!

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We’re about to finish our tour of New Zealand here in Christchurch.

3500km and 30.000m+ on our bicycle in the first two month, plus some nice hikes and more relaxing “regular” sightseeing those last days.

Our plan for the upcoming weeks (the route is not yet definitely fixed… it will probably change every single day 🙂 ):

– 20th of March: flight to Melbourne

– 21st and 22nd of March: Melbourne with Anny!

– 23rd of March until the 8th of April: “Tour de Tasmania” including two Bass Strait ferry crossings

– 9th of April until about the 22nd of April: Melbourne to Sydney, somewhere through the mountains (not the coast!), and yes I have only recently discovered that there are some actual mountains (with snow and all) in Australia

– 23rd of April until the 9th of May: Sydney to Brisbane through the coastal road, Newcastle and Taree (following the route of the McLeod-familia-cultural-heritage-trail 😉 )

– 10th of May until the 29th: northern Australia with Cedric’s parents -> route yet to be defined, but probably towards Cairns and around the Queensland – flip flops, speedos and diving masks with Nemo!

– 30th of May: Brisbane -> Singapore (or at least we hope… the price for that 8h flight is so low that we are not sure if the plane actually exists!)

Cheers! C&C



  1. Seems like it was a good roller coaster there 🙂 Good to see everything’s fine… I must admit you’ve a amazing posting! Congrats for the work; it ain’t easy, we know it!

    Keep riding!

    PD: we need to talk about business (host/domain stuff… I forgot if we ever paid something but I cannot find anything so I guess… nops).

    1. Author

      Hehe, we kinda used a scheduled posting tool last week… and split the original post into three smaller ones every two days.
      We also pretty much abandoned the idea of updating anything on Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc. Way too time consuming for visitors that are usually bots or are going to look at the messages for a quarter of a second…
      NZ is really not easy for internet connections: easier really slow, or through a paywall (and usually overpriced limited to a few hours…). We can basically only do updates when we are at Warmshowers or AirBnB hosts!

      1. Author

        Ah, and for hosting… I think you guys need to renew your domain ( I honestly did not check anything with the payments on Arvixe, my domains are on automatic debit for renewals…

  2. Hello,
    Keep on posting such good tales and pictures!
    We look forward to visiting Australia first within your blog and then on site 🙂
    Hoping the bike will not suffer too much from the flight.

  3. Well done on your Tour de New Zealand and all your excellent posts on the blog! Take care, and have a safe journey to the land down under. Always thinking about you two – Love, CB1 & CB2

    1. Author

      Not quite the other side of the world for you though. NZ is basically on the opposite side of Spain, Melbourne will be on the opposite side of the Azores islands. The Antipodes of Detroit would be somewhere in the water, between the Kerguelen island and Perth!
      See you soon! C&C

  4. Hey well done !
    I worked a few month in port Douglas cute little town north to cairns, can only recommend it, it s gorgeous, has amazing sunset…

    1. Author

      We’ll probably be there in about 2 months…we’re still a few thousand kilometers away from northern Australia. Different world in tasmania, awesome rides through old forests, and so far much friendlier people than southern NZ. Only issue, it may actually snow tonight 🙂

  5. Snow? Ah yes, you are in the fall season there! Hopefuly not much snow, as riding in it with all your gear would not be much fun . . . unless you have snow tires!
    Oh, BTW, watch out for those, now endangered, Tasmanian Devils!
    Travel safe!
    Love, CBI & CB II

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