Argentina – part 1

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Hello finally! 

Cédric and I have been driving through Argentina for the past week and have finally come across reliable Wi-Fi in El Chatlen. So the first batch of updates are to come… 

The two few days of our trip were spent driving far, far away from Buenos Aires. Leaving the airport at noon last Sunday, we barreled westward through the Argentinian Pampas for the next 11 hours. We quickly realized how much wildlife Argentina had to offer while on the road, because most of it ended up on our windshield (lots of bugs). Once the sun started setting, the hawks, foxes, owls, armadillos, etc. also decided to see how close the could get to our car without meeting a fateful end. The more west we drove that day, the roads also seemed to deteriorate into bathtub sized potholes… Needless to say, our first day of driving kept us on our toes. Exhausted at 11pm, we rolled into the Lihuel Calel National Park. 

The next morning, we arose to find a stunning mountain of rocks in the middle of what seemed like nothing. For a few hours that morning, we climbed to the top and gain a sense of our new surroundings: vast emptiness. Aside from the occasional herd of cows or horses, there seemed to be no inhabitants in this part of Argentina. 

Later that morning, we continued westward and drove through the surprisingly large city of Neuquen (it was like an fertile aberration in the middle of the desolate steppe) and gathered food supplies for a week of car camping. We pushed onward that day, landing at a very windy Laguna Blanca National Park. 

More updates to come…

Cassie and Cédric 

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