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Getting posted by the Malaysian Chinese press!

In Biking, Cycling tour 2018, Malaysia, Travel, Update by Cassie & Cédric2 Comments

Making a slight interruption in our Australian backlog – Cédric and I were asked to share our story with ChinaPress, a Chinese-language Malaysian newspaper, while we were eating lunch (aka 3rd meal) in Bentong. Here’s a translated version of the article: – or if you read Chinese: . I would like to add that this is more proof (a …

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The last days – cycling down to the Gold Coast

In Australia, Biking, Cycling tour 2018, Travel, Update by Cassie & Cédric3 Comments

At the campsite in Casino, Cédric and I became celebrities among the over 60 crowd of caravan owners.  When we arrived the night before, we got a few inquiries about the bike as we were trying to set up the tent before sunset, but in the morning as we were packing, more people came trickling by and requested pictures – …

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Riding along coastal New South Wales

In Australia, Biking, Cycling tour 2018, Travel, Update by Cassie & Cédric0 Comments

After a restorative night in Terrigal with Ann and Pete, Cédric and I hopped on the bike to head towards Newcastle. We followed the busy coastal road towards The Entrance (yes, that’s a town name) where we spotted enormous pelicans – all competing for some fisherman’s rejects – on the shore. Our morning was mostly spent biking along busy roads …

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Q&A of traveling with a Hase Pino Tandem

In Australia, Biking, Cycling tour 2018, New Zealand, Travel, Uncategorized, Update by Cassie & Cédric4 Comments

Being in English speaking countries is great for easy communication with everyone, our bike set-up (Hase Pino + Bob trailer) is also often a curiosity wherever we stop. Depending on the type of question, we can detect very quickly if the coming conversation is going to: be interesting for both parties be just a repetition of many other conversations be …

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Cycling route Melbourne -> Sydney -> Brisbane (Gold Coast)

In Australia, Biking, Cycling tour 2018, Travel, Update by Cassie & Cédric2 Comments

This post may not be the most interesting for our followers and regular readers, but we felt that we should detail the route we followed on the Australian mainland. It has been quite difficult to find reliable source of information on various forums and websites about the two stretches Melbourne->Sydney and Sydney->Brisbane, and because we feel that we ended up …