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The way back home!

In Biking, Cycling tour 2018, Europe, Germany, Travel, Update, Western Europeby Cassie & Cédric2 Comments

When we set off from Passau the next morning, it became quickly apparent that the EuroVelo 6 infrastructure in Germany is lacking. The signage was neither very clear nor the path very consistent. We noticed it right after the first few kilometers outside of Passau while finding ourselves alongside the morning commuters on a four-lane high traffic road but technically …

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Cycling up the Danube through Austria

In Austria, Biking, Central Europe, Cycling tour 2018, Europe, Germany, Slovakia, Travel, Update, Western Europeby Cassie & Cédric2 Comments

We entered Slovakia – almost without noticing it – along the Danube, apart from the sunny weather turning around and welcoming us with torrential showers and sudden strong headwinds. We just tried to pay no mind to that and pushed the last hour soaking wet before reaching our accommodation for the next two nights. The way getting into downtown Bratislava …

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From Budapest to Bratislava

In Biking, Central Europe, Cycling tour 2018, Europe, Hungary, Slovakia, Travelby Cassie & Cédric2 Comments

Our first evening in Budapest was spent writing a few postcards and Cedric decided to cook (from a package) some “Szilvás Gombóc”: a traditional Hungarian plum dumpling dish – a long lost family recipe story on his side – which turned out pretty good, although we kind of had to adapt to the cycling pantry constraints. From Istanbul, we had …

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From the Balkans into central Europe

In Balkans, Biking, Central Europe, Croatia, Cycling tour 2018, Europe, Hungary, Serbia, Travel, Uncategorized, Updateby Cassie & Cédric1 Comment

Once in Belgrade, it seemed that we avoided the worst of the rainy weather during the previous night. We set out in the morning to wander around the Belgrade Fortress, which was originally built over 2000 years ago by the Celtics and underwent many reconstructions, as well as battles, throughout the years from about as many different occupying countries. Now, …

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Deeper into the Balkans: along the Danube in Serbia

In Biking, Cycling tour 2018, Serbia, Travel, Updateby Cassie & Cédric1 Comment

The next morning in Dimitrovgrad, we were treated to a Serbian breakfast (omelet and bread) and then prepared for our ride through Serbia. Having seen the EuroVelo 13 sign, we knew that navigating should become easier, although we were still hesitant in following the routes entirely because they weren’t yet certified and tended to add extra kilometers between destinations we …