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[avatar user=”cassie” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /]Through a series of unmarked dirt roads in the dense, overgrown rain forest and numerous left turns, our caravan finally arrived at the rental house. Without the property manager leading us down the steep and winding roads in his ATV, we surely wouldn’t be able to this place in the dark. Although we were still in the municipal of Ojochal, Costa Rica, we must be located right on boarder between village and jungle.

As we inspected the house and assigned rooms, we wondered how one could build such an elaborate house that was so remote and why this particular location. However, upon waking up the next morning, it was clear: we were greeted with an expansive panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and Pacific Ocean.

Diverging from our immediate surroundings, the house had manicured lawns that were teeming with banana, papaya, and other fruit trees. A walk through the grounds also showcased other lush, local flora that we couldn’t begin to name. The house wasn’t just a habitat for us humans either, but other animals, such as toucans, howler monkeys, and other birds, liked to greet us during breakfast. Around dinnertime, once the sun set, large moths, geckos, and spiders joined us as well.

When we weren’t out exploring during the week, the rest of our downtime was spent lounging by the pool. Already in the early morning hours, around 7am, the outside temperature was warm enough to seek solace in the tepid waters.

The area where we were staying was a welcome break from the impulses of the modern world as well. Save for the main road that followed the coastline, all other roads in the area were unpaved and nearly impassable without the right vehicle. The beaches were also well preserved and weren’t spoiled by the high-rise properties that are all too common in resort areas. The mountains were blanketed with lush forests and didn’t give way to large plantations and agriculture. After our week stay, it became very apparent why this area of Costa Rica was loved by both retirees and hippies alike.


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