Getting posted by the Malaysian Chinese press!

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Making a slight interruption in our Australian backlog – Cédric and I were asked to share our story with ChinaPress, a Chinese-language Malaysian newspaper, while we were eating lunch (aka 3rd meal) in Bentong.

Here’s a translated version of the article: – or if you read Chinese: .

I would like to add that this is more proof (a video) that I’ve taken over the controls! And thank you to the nice guys sitting next to us at lunch!


  1. We remember when you left for Earth. Many citizens came to watch. You are missed on your home planet of Tajikistan. I also smile.

    Klaatu barada nikto.

    1. Author

      It isn’t faith that makes good science, Mr. Klaatu, it’s curiosity. There are several thousand questions I’d like to ask you.
      You are very welcome to save earth on the Iron horse through the steppes of Tajikistan – a Cast-Iron Horse for example!

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