Another August, another bike trip

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This time last year, Cédric and I set off for Venice with a few friends. We got on our bikes and rode the 700km from Augsburg  Venice in great weather. 

This time around, things are a bit different: our group increased to 7 people, Cédric and I have our maiden voyage with the tandem and bike trailer (a lenth now of 3.5 meters /11 ft – longer than Cédric’s smart car), and we’re starting out with rainy, cold weather and a train to our starting destination. 

The plan is to train to Villach, Austria (although the train made it 2km outside of Augsburg so far due to technical problems) and bike around the Triglav mountain in Slovenia. Tomorrow, we will see how fit our group is by biking up to a mountain pass, fully loaded, at 1700m before biking down the Soca valley. We’ll bike to Ljubljana and then round out the trip by summiting the Triglav (on foot) at the end of our trip. 

With no more data roaming fees in Europe, I should be able to write an update or two to during the trip. 

Cassie and Cédric 

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