Mexico Pt. II

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After our night in Zitacuáro seeing monarch butterflies, Ced and I headed farther west towards Puerto Vallarta.

We took our time to get used to the sunny days and visit some of the cities along our path. Between Mexico City and Guadalajara, the landscapes were quite stark and defined by some great rolling hills. Compared to our recent trip to Morocco, we didn’t find the countryside to be too remarkable or awe-inspiring. However, I also couldn’t complain because I was able to wander around without a jacket.

Our first destination after Zitacuáro was Morelia – a (relatively) smaller city with great colonial Spanish architecture. This was the first city out of many where Ced and I were able to see the Spanish influence in Mexico. Walking along the cobble stone streets made me feel as though I were transported to somewhere in southern Europe; it wasn’t what I was anticipating for Mexico.

After a long day of driving and a hiccup in our plans (our AirBnB reservation fell through), Ced and I arrived in Guadalajara. Although Guadalajara also belongs to one of the biggest cities in Mexico, it is nowhere on par with the expanse of Mexico City. Both that night and for a bit the following morning, Ced and I visited some of the historic buildings that still remain in the downtown area.

After Guadalajara and right before driving down the winding roads that lead towards the Pacific coast, we made a quick detour to see Tequila. That’s right, the main city/region where tequila is produced. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Tequila, it was still very interesting to see how it is produced and distilled from the blue agave plant.

While driving towards Puerto Vallarta, we got to see how the landscapes changed from agave-studded and rocky hillsides to mountains with lush rain forests. One of my favorite parts of driving through Mexico was seeing how my surroundings slowly changed as we added more miles to the car.


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