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In the Mekong Delta region

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Hello all! It’s Cassie again. My health/stomach has improved greatly since the last post and I’m back to traveling around with Cédric and eating all the food that the streets provide. It took a bit of time before I could walk around the fermenting meat and vegetables stalls at high noon (in 40°C/100°F heat), but I’m back to exploring what …

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More from Cambodia

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Last post was already 4 days ago so time to catch up!After an epic trip to kampong Cham (5h30 from Siem Reap, tire explosion included, although on the largest road of the country), we’ve decided to spend a full day around the town. The simple solution in Cambodia is to hire a moto-remork (or tuktuk) for the day: it doesn’t …

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Moving towards Eastern Cambodia

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We’re currently in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, where the nights are hot and sticky and the streets are full of fried spiders (in reality, mostly clothes).Yesterday, we continued our bike tour around the temples of Angkor Wat and saw several more sights.  Being on bike, we were able to make a few small detours to wander around lesser known ruins.  The …

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First days in Cambodia

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Hello all! As of last night, Cedric and I are in Siem Reap. The way here from Munich was long and exhausting… The ten hour flight (with very little sleep) had us landing in Beijing at 7am and we weren’t set to leave until 8:30pm. We used our layover opportunity to visit Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Both places …

Mexico Pt. II

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After our night in Zitacuáro seeing monarch butterflies, Ced and I headed farther west towards Puerto Vallarta. We took our time to get used to the sunny days and visit some of the cities along our path. Between Mexico City and Guadalajara, the landscapes were quite stark and defined by some great rolling hills. Compared to our recent trip to Morocco, …

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Mexico pt. I

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Our plans for our Mexico trip were to hit the ground running. Although we finally arrived to our hotel in Mexico City around 11pm, the plan was to ignore our jet-lag and leave early the next morning and head for the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries near Zitácuaro.  However, we didn’t plan for the masses of morning commuters and were stuck for almost two …